ESL Repair brings you the finest in electrostatic loudspeaker repair service. We can repair many of the electrostatic loudspeaker built over the last fifty years. Are goal is to supply you with electrostatic speaker repair or parts to build your own electrostatics loudspeakers or we can do the work for you. We can help you with ESL loudspeaker repair from many of the past and present companies such as Martin Logan, Acoustat, Quad KLH, Janszen, RTR, Beveridge, ESS, Audio Static Sound Labs, MAS and many others.

• Quad 57 repair
• Quad 63 repair
• Martin Logan repair
• Acoustat repair panels and electronics
• KLH 9 repair panels and electronics
• Janszen electronics repair
• RTR repair of electronics
• Beveridge repair panels and electronics
• Audio Static repair
• Custom Step-up Transformer Winding and Rebuilding

• ESL Interface electronics
• ESL Stator material
• ESL Panels Assembled
• ESL Step-up transformers
• ESL Bias supplies
• ESL Diaphragm material
• ESL Diaphragm coating material

We can repair rebuilt or replace electrostatic electronics, bias supplies, step-up transformers including replacement and some custom wound step-up output transformers, ESL panels repair as well as diaphragm replacement and more. Electrostatic parts and kits for the hobbyist and DIY guy to build your own electrostatic loudspeaker dream system and save thousands of dollars for your efforts.

Please feel free to contact me for troubleshooting assistance we can work together to help meet your ESL needs.

ESL Repair
Call: Russ Knotts
Phone: 440-286-1117
9130 Cambridge Rd.
Chardon, OH 44024 USA

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