Customers Testimonials

9130 Cambridge Rd.
Chardon, OH 44024
Dear Russ:
In todays world it is not often that a person finds a man or a company willing to go out of the way to solve another persons problem. Many give it great lip service, promise solutions and promise to be there when help is needed. Most do not deliver to the fullest extent of their promises, if at all.
Therefore, when we met for the purpose of repairing my KLH Nines I was very reassured with the depth and extent of your knowledge on Electrostatic Speakers and was impressed by your willingness to jump into them to solve my problem. There is little doubt, in my mind, that you are an audiophile who conducts business to help other audiophiles rather than a businessman that caters to them. The advantage of this is that you thoroughly understand the quest for magnificent sound and are armed with the abilities to provide it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of your repair of my speakers. They sound magnificent! I might also add that your pricing was very reasonable as well.
On a side note, while I was talking with you in person, you took a couple phone calls from non-customers looking for help. You made every conceivable effort to help them solve their problem rather than every effort to get them to send the units to you for repair. What a breath of fresh air. Someone actually trying to help someone else without making sure they are compensated for it.
Since I am a frequent reader and member of, I posted several suggestions to other members that they involve you in their issues as well. It is with this same purpose that I write to you today. Please feel free to use this letter as a letter of recommendation to prospective buyers of your products and services. I doubt very highly that they would be disappointed in any aspect of dealing with you.
Mr. Dan Csomos
From: Uri Galimidi To: Russ Knotts Subject: Reference email Russ,   I bought the ESL Model 2.0 from Russ over a year ago. Being a Hi Fi hobbyist, I built the electronics myself, while Russ supplied the panels, frames, and some of the components. Russ also, spent literally hours on the phone with me, providing advice and guidance. The results are absolutely amazing. The transient response of the ESL Panels simply surpasses that of any traditional dynamic electromagnetic speaker. The sound is crisp and without any overtones. It is so true to the source, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the Jazz Club. Admittedly, the ESL's are very sensitive to positioning and I had to experiment a lot to achieve their optimal position. Away from the walls, and at an angle directed at my listening position. The flat panels are very directional. Russ's new curved panel should be much less direction-sensitive, but I have not had the opportunity to listen to them yet. And last, the other day I brought in a friend, who had spent many thousands on his recently acquired system. He only listened for two minutes and then his jaw dropped. He could not believe his ears, and much less so, the price. Regards, Uri.
Mr. Russell C. Knotts